MS TechEd 2008, Sydney

It is rapidly approaching opening time for the Meet’n’Greet at MS TechEd Australia 2008, and I am sitting in a dangerously dark room waiting for them to open the doors, or possibly just for the other people from work to show up.

As I look at what’s on offer this year, I become more and more convinced that the only reason The Management That Is let me (and the others) come to this, is that they felt there was nothing of any real value, so might as well send the people who are never going to get another chance to go.

Anyway, I have my free MS backpack, complete with bumph and DVDs of all the sessions…hang on, I didn’t really need to come, did I?

Anyway, should head over to the actual exhibition and look interested. I may Plurk, Twitter, or Jaiku things as it goes on, if I get bored.

Or something like that.


One Response to “MS TechEd 2008, Sydney”

  1. hazinf Says:

    Later that same evening…
    September 2, 2008
    Well, I’m here in the middle of the show floor. Bad lighting, with poorly defined foodstuffs, loud PA, and not really much of interest here. Hopefully the sessions tomorrow will be more interesting, since I at least know what I’m looking for there.

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